Manufaktuuri kvartal; 2022

directed by Greta Liht & Anni Zupping; performed by Mia Moore, Florian Wahl, Maarja Tõnisson, Maarja Tosin, Elina Rososhenko; music by Karl Martin Kelder & Jakob Tulve
During the performance dedicated to clothing design, exciting designers from Estonia presented their creations to the audience. D_O_M presents the ambitious local artists to the festival visitors through an attractive and more conceptual spectacle. The concept and distinctiveness of the brands unfold through a place-specific experience, an inspiring event and an entertaining spectacle.
photos: Laura Palling; MorroW Shoots
Cbetka; 2022

directed by Greta Liht; performed by Eva Metspalu, Jette Loona Hermanis, Johhan Rosenberg, Maarja Tosin, Mark Nathan Monak, Pääsu-Liis Kens; music mixed by Magnar-Stig Virgo
A hybrid of a fashion show and a contemporary performance that exhibited SORCERER's new and also before-seen pieces, mixed with works from fellow collaborators and SORCERER's playful approach to styling waste and unwanted materials. Weaving together the never-ending pity for the abandoned, escapism, bending rules and the deconstruction of the urban space narrative. 
Wasteland fairies have found their way to the portal that meshes our worlds together. Painful adaptation leads them to try to make sense of the meaning of our world.

dystopian social network
Made in Estonia marathon at Kanuti Gild;2022 

directed by Greta Liht; performed by Eva Metspalu, Jette Loona Hermanis, Pääsu-Liis Kens, Kaisa Kattai, Sofia Filippou, Markus Nathan Monak, Mark Nathan Monak, Karmen Teesi Pregel; music by Bible Club
the collection is themed experimental formalwear - everyday office clothes with a twist, as well as a dive into a parallel dimension, where everyday routines have finally taken control of human consciousness. the aim of the collection is to express hyperconnectivity and isolation, alienation and social revelation, patterns in routine and loneliness.
the characters of the parallel world open up the pains and obstacles of their reality to the audience, at the same time engaging them in the experience. they create a bridge between the two worlds and explore similarities and differences. meanwhile, there’s a question up in the air - are these characters still from the parallel world or from our future?