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SORCERER is a creative collective from Estonia, who value recycling materials, making one-of-a-kind and sometimes sculptural pieces, hoping to sustain uniqueness on a bigger scale. They experiment in different fields, mixing together fashion design and styling with art, performance and photography.

SORCERER's aim is to provide an emotional experience - the accessories, clothing and artefacts displayed to viewers often look wild and irrational, traditional gender roles and aesthetic standards have been destroyed, along with the hierarchy between materials. They create wearables intuitively, finding solutions through practice to discover unexpected results that create unique and raw combinations. SORCERER finds that the seemingly easy availability of perfection calls for its opposite - a desire for a more sensual experience, materiality and handiness, preferring frailty and imperfection, irregularity and uncertainty. SORCERER deliberately chooses to juxtapose natural and artificial aesthetics in order to produce contrasts and opposing surroundings.

SORCERER urges the viewer to confront the instinctive attitude towards (human)forms by abstractly and decoratively distorting them to offer a new way of thinking about covering the body. The artefacts transform the wearer into a creation that is a reflection of SORCERER’s own understanding of the world.